Sunday, August 7, 2011

Allison + Terry

The view from Allison and Terry's wedding site at the beautiful Scott Farm in Dummerston, Vermont. You could tell right from the beginning that it was going to be an amazing day.

As always, I was thrilled to be assisted by the gifted Kelly Fletcher, who caught this portrait of the dress, Allison, and two of her bff's.

[Just click on any image if you'd like to see a larger version.]

While Kelly was with the girls, I was catching some of the reception details that Allison (and friends) spent fun hours creating this summer.

Many of the antique buttons on the napkin rings came from Allison's grandmother's collection.

Terry and Allison had use of several of the historic Landmark Trust properties during the weekend, including the 1820s Dutton Farmhouse.

Terry and his family were down the road at the Rudyard Kipling House, where the author penned some of his most well-loved stories.

A niece and nephew theoretically spread flower petals at the beginning of the ceremony. Mainly, they just looked really cute.

One part of the ceremony was a Quaker community circle, where friends shared bits of marriage wisdom and humor.

The vows brought laughter . . .

. . . and tears.

The first kiss.

The second kiss.

Then it was on to the reception at the Scott Farm.

Catered by Terri Ziter and her team at A Vermont Table, the reception was a combination of wonderful food in a beautiful setting with good friends and family—what could be better?

An edible finger-food plate. Love the tie.

Memorial candles for special guests who were with us in spirit.

Allison and Terry rocking the house with their first dance.

I'd like to provide the link to the hairdresser's website, but I couldn't understand a word this girl was saying.

After dinner, Allison and Terry took a few minutes to get some [in]formal portraits in the warm evening light.

With their buddy Zeke. One of my favorite images from the day.

Dad entertains the guests with stories from Allison’s formative years.

Mom has a few stories of her own.

Friends, all who could be working in stand-up comedy, treat the guests to some of the vital details of Terry and Allison's relationship.

Allison in a modified planking pose.

Terry's mom and dad show how it's done.

The limbo was hot. I still can't believe how many pictures I took—I kept thinking "this will be the last person who can pull this off. . ."

Allison's uncle wishing her every success and joy in her marriage to Terry.

Congratulations you two! It was so fun to be with you on your special day!


  1. As always, Jeff, gorgeous!! Allsion and Terry were obviously very detailed oriented, and it showed beautifully through yours and Kelly's photos!

  2. Really beautiful photographs Jeff! They were so lucky to have you record their special day. You know how to find the romance and beauty and capture it your own unique way.

  3. these photos looks so good. they are such great quality.

  4. Allison + Terry had the gorgeous wedding at a gorgeous location. How stunning the views are in these photos! Thanks a ton for these details. I too would be marrying soon with the love of my life and it is going to be a hillside ceremony too. Have booked the prettiest event space Chicago in the nearby town.

  5. Awesome,thank you for great post. I am very glad that you shared it here