Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flea Market

I recently spent a weekend at a large outdoor flea market in upstate New York, and gave myself an assignment of asking at least three people each day if I could take their picture.

People loved having portraits made, and were happy to take time for a photo session. Teri was a great model, and is clearly a person who thinks of each day as a grand adventure.

A lot of the antique dealers bring their dogs along to keep them company on the road. Both the dealers and the dogs can be real characters.

This is Chris and his ten-week-old terrier Missy. Chris had a wonderful peaceful spirit about him. Missy did not have a peaceful spirit, but was cute as a button.

It seemed like there was one of every kind of dog at the show, including this Boston Terrier. The dog's owner graciously held up an oil painting to provide the background.

There were also replicas of Boston Terriers. The show has over 1,000 dealers, each with hundreds of funky items for sale, so there are a lot of photographic opportunities.

Each object has an untold story. I wonder what life was like for the child who wore these shoes.

Can you imagine how the young owner of Meccano felt when first discovering him under the Christmas tree?

One of our friends purchased this Japanese doll, and I experimented with making a "hand-colored" digital photograph of it—I like the soft and subtle colors.

One of my favorites from the weekend, titled “Santas Under Glass.” Do they seem excited or terrified to you?